Don't get ripped off by the stores.
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About Me

Magic Collector and Active Player

My name is Tony and I love Magic The Gathering.

Through the years, I’ve seen a lot of people ripped off by selling their collections to dealers and resellers. I’d like to offer an alternative. Work with an actual collector who will fairly purchase your collection and give it a great home!

If you're not sure you want to sell your cards and just need help identifying the valuable ones, I'd be happy to help as well. There is no pressure to sell.

Text Me: (650) 409-7073

How I Can Help

Card Identification

I can help you quickly sort through your collection and identify vaulable cards. I can show you real prices of what your cards are worth.


I can pay in cash, so you can get the money you need quickly. Depending on the value of the collection, I may need to stop by the bank first.


I live in the Bay Area of California, but will travel depending on the size and value of the collection. I can come to you or meet in a public place.


Large Deals

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Campbell, CA